White Wristlet Rope Bracelet

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Sandy dunes and salty air...and a Cape Cod Sailor Bracelet! Relive your childhood memories and wear this summer classic for the summer.  A true sign of the beginning of summer...purchase yours today and bring a bit of Cape Cod summertime home. Cannot make it to the Cape this summer?  Order them from home...send them to friends, use as party favors.  Slide onto your hand and jump in the water...this bracelet will shrink to fit.  Our tradition is to cut them off in an "end of summer" ceremony the night before the school year begins!

During times at sea, old time sailors made bracelets from ropes off their ships to show off their knot making skills.  The sailors also used these rope bracelets to wipe the sweat off their brow whilst cleaning the deck as well as lifting cargo and supplies on and off the ship. Sailors wore them as lore had it these sailor bracelets brought them good fortune and kept them safe while at sea.  Given as gifts to their sweethearts, they were a token of affection and served as a reminder of their sailor once he had returned to the sea.  Hand woven cotton rope material.

  • Will shrink when wet for a perfect fit.
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