Wave Slider Turquoise

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ride the waves of coastal style with our wave slider bracelet, featuring our signature wave motif and a matching marine blue thread. this bracelet is a playful homage to the sun-soaked beaches and endless waves that make coastal living so irresistible.

crafted with love and attention to detail, the wave motif on this bracelet captures the essence of the ocean's mesmerizing movement. the marine blue thread adds a splash of vibrant color, and is reminiscent of the sparkling ocean waters on a sunny day. it's the perfect complement to the wave motif, creating a harmonious coastal vibe.

our slider bracelet design offers versatility and comfort, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the fit to your liking. simply slide the bracelet to find your perfect size and enjoy the ease of wearing this coastal-inspired accessory.

whether you're strolling along sandy shores, exploring hidden coves, or simply daydreaming of the beach, this slider bracelet is a must-have addition to your coastal jewelry collection. 


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